Tidy Time

I’ve been on a cleaning streak this weekend. Youngest’s bedroom is now pretty well cleared up. We’ll see how long that lasts but there’s nearly nothing out on the floor — just her play castle and her Playmobil ambulance centre. We worked hard, sorting out toys for charity, broken or wornout items for the trash and many others to return to their proper storage space.

It’s a monumental difference from earlier when you had difficulty getting from door to bed or back again. Next, to tackle eldest’s room (with her assistance), after her playdate’s over. Then it’ll be back for a return engagement in my bedroom. I’m afraid that I’ve stacked a few too many piles of books in there since my office at the U simply doesn’t have sufficient shelf space for my needs.

I’ve also worked through five or six loads of laundry, located another picture to go up in my office, have a load of dishes in the sink, soaking, ready to be washed, and so I feel I have no further excuse, once the dishes are done, to avoid that massive pile of marking that awaits me. Dang!

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